UV Protection & Skin Care

In addition to the extensive range of products for the protection of the skin against UV radiation, PGP offers an equally comprehensive service package. One of the biggest challenges in occupational skin care is that employees do not use the products at all or use them incorrectly.

Using UV protection as an example, we make this problem tangible and understandable. We offer you to apply sun protection cream in front of a UV camera. Thus, you can see immediately which areas have been forgotten. And: With the help of the UV camera it becomes clear how important protective creams are against the damaging UV rays.

Sonnenschutz durch die UV-Kamera betrachtet
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Sustainability & Skin Care

For years, sustainability has been part of PGP‘s corporate strategy. More than 90 percent of the ingredients used come from renewable sources now. For example, we are increasingly using ingredients based on RSPO-certifi ed palm oil. The awards for the liquid cleanser ECOSAN as the fi rst product of its kind to receive the BLUE ANGEL label as well as for the heavy duty hand cleanser TOPSCRUB® NATURE or the foam product STEPHALEN® FRESHFOAM beeing awarded with the EU Ecolabel show that we are on the right track with our efforts.


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Hand Care Plan Configurator

In times of digitalization, PGP also offers a wide range of online services. For example, hand care plans can be created in a quick and easy way using a new tool at: www.handcareplan.com The time-consuming and coordination-intensive preparation of a hand care plan is thus a thing of the past. With the hand care plan confi gurator, those responsible in companies, e.g. occupational physicians, safety engineers or others, can generate hand care plans themselves with just a few clicks on the internet. The tool offers various options and a simple and intuitive handling. It is adaptable to individual requirements and always up-to-date. Thus, it makes work easier for the creator. In addition to PGP products, skin care products from other manufacturers can also be added.


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OptiTens® Products

The surfactant combination OptiTens® (patent pending) combines high efficacy and very good skin friendliness. Until now, the rule of thumb was: the higher the cleansing effect of a surfactant, the greater its damaging infl uence on the skin barrier. The new skin cleansers STEPHALEN® OPTIWASH and STEPHALEN® OPTIFOAM are a washing gel and a foam cleaner for light to medium dirt. These skin cleansers containing OptiTens® have significantly better properties than the surfactant combinations previously used in conventional skin cleansers.

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